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How to improve the security of mobile power

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For everyone to use some security issues of mobile power, in some small details can be greatly improved. Mobile power is the same as ordinary batteries, can be said to use a very safe, but how to carry out some of the inverse operation, or damage to the mobile power, when the explosion will occur, oh, oh. So we also want to operate normally, the following Shenzhen mobile power supply manufacturers to tell us about the use of the right mobile power, improve the safety of the method:
1, reasonable charge
When charging to ensure the stability of the voltage, and do not touch the stimulation of the current, summary is to a reasonable charge environment.
2, careful storage
Mobile power should not be placed in a wet place, in which the environment is easy to bad, the other not to squeeze, especially in the case of charging, or the possibility of a large explosion. There is not exposed to the high temperature environment, or sun exposure, etc..
3, no fire
Fire is the explosion of the pathogen, is very dangerous. Now the mobile power is not too much protection measures are not used to pre water, the fire will explode, we want to understand this.
Improve the safety of mobile power, so that we are more reliable in the use of mobile power.